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Filming for The Lord of the Rings TV Series Rings of Power Season 2 Has Started

It's No Longer Filming Where The Movies Are Shot!

The second season of Rings of Power, which returns the Lord of the Rings universe, has started shooting in the United Kingdom. The series bids farewell to New Zealand, where the Lord of the Rings movies are also shot in the new season.

The Lord of the Rings series, one of the masterpieces of the cinema world, continues its legacy today with the “Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power ” series. The series, which was produced by Amazon and published on Prime Video, managed to collect the admiration of many viewers.

While the second season of the series has already been confirmed, important news came today. While the first season was filmed in New Zealand, the same as the original films, it was announced that the second season began shooting in the United Kingdom. Filming was filmed from New Zealand to London.

So why did the Lord of the Rings leave his homeland?

rings of power

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon’s move from New Zealand to the UK was purely for economic reasons . Amazon is able to cut costs in the UK. However, it is known that Bray Studios, a subsidiary of Amazon, has built a center in London that will serve more than one series.

The first season of Rings of Power landed on Amazon for half a billion dollars. On the other hand, Amazon succeeded in getting the return of this huge investment. The series managed to get 1.25 billion minutes of views worldwide . In its rival House of Dragon, this time was 781 million minutes.

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