According to Scientists, We Can Protect From Coronavirus ‘If We Adjust The Moisture Balance Correctly’

Stephanie Taylor, who works at Harvard University School of Medicine, explained that one of the most effective ways to protect against viruses is to adjust the moisture balance of our environment. The World Health Organization emphasized that the ideal humidity should be between 50% and 60% as a result of their investigations on this subject.
Stephanie Taylor, a biologist at Harvard University School of Medicine, explained the easiest way to be protected from Covid-19 virus and even normal influenza in an interview. According to Taylor, if we adjust the moisture balance of our environment correctly, we will minimize the risk of getting the virus.

Stephanie Taylor demanded that the World Health Organization conduct a study in response to her suggestion. Responding to Taylor’s request last November, the World Health Organization confirmed that moisture balance is an important factor for virus protection, and announced that the relative humidity level should be kept between 50% and 60%.

Low and very high humidity rates make the virus more dangerous

Kış mevsimi Covid-19

Doctor Stephanie Taylor attributes the spread of the virus to more common in the winter months, not to cold weather, but to the attitudes of people in winter. Stating that indoors are heated unnecessarily in winter, which causes moisture loss, Taylor underlines that the virus can spread faster in moisture-free environments.

Recently, a review of pathogens suspended in the air was conducted. As a result of the investigations, it was observed that the virus-carrying pathogens shrank in dry and dry areas and fell asleep in the air. It has been stated that the shrinking and drying pathogens enter the human body at the slightest breathing and become moist again and cause the virus to infect the body.

Stating that low humidity levels make the human body more vulnerable, Stephanie Taylor stated that high humidity areas are at least as risky as dry areas. According to the statement, extremely humid environments provide enough fluid for bacteria to form mold at the moment of contact with cold air, which makes the human body more vulnerable.

World Health Organization; “Relative humidity should be kept between 50% – 60%”

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With his statement on the subject, Stephanie Taylor requested the World Health Organization to conduct a research on this issue. The World Health Organization responded to this request and explained that the humidity rate in indoor areas is extremely important to protect from Covid-19 virus and the ideal relative humidity should be adjusted between 50% – 60%.

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