unlimited, unblocked and ad-free youtube supports all languages.

No more YouTube restrictions
Using this service, you can watch the video you want without ads and download the content you want in a variety of formats.
In addition, the current use of this service is free.
You can listen to the content you want without downloading it as music, if you want, you can watch it as a video or download it to your device in the format you want.


  1. The search box in this section is linked to the youtube site’s own search box and gives you youtube search results just like you are on the youtube site

2. When you select the content you are looking for from the drop-down list, all relevant content on YouTube will appear.

3.You can watch the content you want without advertising and without any obstacles.

4.You can use the music player function to listen to the YouTube music you want.

5. You can download the music you want or the sound of YouTube videos in mp3 and similar music formats.

6.You can download any YouTube video you want.

Click on the free YouTube service page (點擊免費 YouTube 服務頁面)

The use of this service is free, and the legal responsibilities related to the use of this service are borne by the user. Please note that this service is purely to enhance the user experience.

We wish you a good time

 Fonexsoftware 🙂

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