Switzerland-Based RTS Channel Shares An Impressive Video Summing Up 2020

2020 was a year full of challenges for the whole world and we are about to leave this year behind. The video prepared by the Swiss-based RTS channel summarized 2020 with a very impressive language for those who want to look back for the last time.
Human life progresses in a balance by constantly witnessing both good and bad events. But because we tend to forget bad things more quickly, we soon only remember beauty.

2020 was a tough year to take away this simple reflex we exhibited to hold on to life, and it will probably be very difficult to remember the good ones while remembering this year. The Swiss-based RTS channel has also prepared a very impressive video in order not to make us forget this year. In addition to the bad scenes that will feed despair, the common feelings and reactions of all people in the world are also emphasized in the video, and this is perhaps the most important detail that makes the video impressive.

Why has 2020 turned into a ‘year of disaster’?

Avustralya orman yangınları

Looking back once more on what happened in 2020, we see that each ‘disaster’ is in fact the responsibility of humanity, regardless of the date on the calendar. So what happened in 2020? Why is this year called the year of disasters?

In the early days of 2020, there was still talk of forest fires in Australia that disrupted life. Although it is still not enough to ensure that the climate crisis never falls off the agenda and takes the necessary precautions, it is understood that we cannot escape the effects of the damage we have done to the world so far.


Also these days, the name of a new virus has begun to be heard. This virus was highly contagious, according to initial sensations, but it was far away. So everyone believed that there was no need to be alarmed. In fact, even when the virus started to spread outside of China, the seriousness of the situation was still not fully understood. Ultimately, that virus brought life to a halt all over the world, and we found ourselves in one of the dystopian Hollywood movies that told the end from the very beginning with a clichéd script.

With earthquakes in our country, popular names separated from us with sudden deaths, the explosion in Beirut, anti-racist ‘Black Lives Matter’ actions in America, countless political tensions, wars and various scary scenarios, 2020 is almost a new disaster.

Despite everything, solidarity and hope were also with us:

Koronavirüs İtalya

Of course, wherever there are people, there is always hope for the beautiful and a place for warming views. 2020 has shown us this as well and reminded us that it is always possible to show solidarity as a ‘species’ in the face of disasters.

We hope that when we leave this year behind, we can behave responsibly like a student who takes lessons from his mistake and understands and solves the next question better, and remember that with solidarity and hope, we will find a way to overcome everything.

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