App Store Prepares to Remove Many Games from Stores in Accordance with New Licensing Rules

Apple is preparing to remove games from the App Store due to new licensing rules. The company began sending alerts to developers to obtain the required licenses before December 31st.
China had begun to block unlicensed games in its country. According to the news in Digital Information World, Apple will also begin to remove games from the application store. Accordingly, Apple is preparing to remove thousands of games in accordance with the new licensing standards.

In China, this application includes not only games but also applications. Apple has also started warning Chinese developers about the removal of paid games. So what are the games at risk of being removed?

Apple will remove games from its store

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Games at risk of removal from the App Store, productions with in-app purchases. Games that do not receive this in-app purchase license from the government will be removed from the store. Apple also says that developers should take this seriously and get their licenses before December 31st.

Streaming games that do not have the required license from the government are not allowed. Actually, the license issue is not new. App stores like the App Store haven’t paid much attention to these rules for years, but the Chinese government has further tightened its rules on this issue.

Accordingly, the Chinese administration is removing more than 100 applications that do not obtain the required license. Among the applications that the Chinese administration has asked to be removed are popular applications such as Tripadvisor. The new strict rules are also reflected in the statistics of the App Store.

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