“Bitcoin drops to $21,000, $46 million evaporates! This altcoin has the most liquidations!”

Following Powell’s hawkish remarks, investors lost their risk appetite.

As US stock markets traded with losses of around 1% ahead of tomorrow’s US employment data, Bitcoin fell to the $21,000 level.

If the decline deepens, $20,400 will be followed as a technical support and $20,000 as a psychological support.

The Bitcoin drop has hurt 42,000 traders trading on futures markets. In the last 24 hours, the positions of 42,000 traders were liquidated, and the total liquidations exceeded $130 million.

During the last hour when Bitcoin dropped to $21,000, the liquidation was $46 million. The biggest liquidation was $14 million on the OKX exchange, while the highest liquidation was seen in BTC with $26 million.

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