Somebody Stop Bitcoin: Bitcoin, Valued by $ 4K in 24 Hours, Exceeds $ 34K

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which we could not prevent, broke a new record today and managed to exceed the level of 34 thousand dollars. Bitcoin broke the record yesterday, exceeding the $ 30,000 level.
Recently, Bitcoin has been the headline in at least one news every day. But there is no sign that the cryptocurrency will change this habit anytime soon. Because Bitcoin, whose rise could not be stopped, managed to break a new record today. Bitcoin’s value has exceeded $ 34,000.

Increasing and entering the new year, Bitcoin surpassed the 34 thousand dollar level for the first time in its history. The cryptocurrency had just broken its own record yesterday, exceeding $ 30,000. After this record, Bitcoin gained an additional $ 4,000 in just seven hours. The crypto currency, which played at the level of 30 thousand – 33 thousand dollars for a while, is currently at the level of 34 thousand dollars.

Ethereum is also valued:


Along with Bitcoin, which is worth 252 thousand 932 TL in TL, Ethereum, the other major crypto currency, experienced a significant gain in value within 24 hours. Ethereum has now surpassed the $ 830 level, gaining 12.01% in 24 hours. The cryptocurrency is currently floating around $ 825.

Bitcoin witnessed an unprecedented surge since September. The crypto currency closed the month of September at $ 10 thousand. This indicates that Bitcoin has valued almost three and a half times since September. The cryptocurrency has begun to attract global portfolio investors as well as tech enthusiasts and speculators.

Bitcoin showed a similar rise in this period in 2017. Bitcoin, which started to rise in December 2017, broke its new record by seeing the level of 19 thousand dollars. However, after that, it lost a great value. In November 2020, the crypto money had reached its then record value.

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