Bentley Starts Building Nests For Its Factory To Protect Birds And Bats

Having carried out many projects in recent years to make its production facilities more environmentally friendly, Bentley has now started building wooden nests in its factory to protect the local bat and bird population.
Issues such as the climate crisis and the serious damage to natural life with urbanization and industrialization are the most important agenda items of the world in recent years. As such issues came to the fore, especially large companies started to implement environmental policies and implemented various projects.

British luxury vehicle manufacturer Bentley is one of those companies. Bentley, trying to make its production facilities more environmentally friendly, has 30,000 separate solar panels, 20,000 on the roof of the factory and 10,000 in the parking lot.

Bentley fabrikası

At the same time, Bentley’s manufacturing facilities have carbon neutral certification. The concept of carbon neutral refers to the realization of projects that will prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the amount of greenhouse gases in order to balance greenhouse gases created by individuals or institutions and to achieve net zero greenhouse gases. Bentley is also doing a lot of work in this area.

Wooden nests are being prepared for birds and bats:

Bentley kuş yuvası

In addition to these works, Bentley also carries out various projects to protect the balance of natural life and local wildlife. Having built beehives in the factory area in the past years and allowing an average of 300,000 bees to live there, Bentley has now taken action to protect the bird and bat population. Within the scope of this project, wooden bird and bat nests started to be built in the factory area.

“ Birds and bats are naturally found in the Crewe area, so we decided to build some houses for them, ” said Andrew Robertson, Bentley’s Head of Field Planning, in a statement to Autocar. announced that they established the nest.

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