Most Healthcare Professionals in the US Refuse to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

It was learned that many healthcare workers and public officials refused to be vaccinated in the USA, one of the countries where the epidemic was hit the most with the number of serious deaths and cases it reached. Despite its reliability supported by scientific data, the reason for their rejection of the vaccine was mostly shown to the government’s mistrust over the vaccine.
Since the coronavirus epidemic started, we all hope that vaccines will be developed as soon as possible and can be applied widely worldwide. After months of quarantine and bans, when we finally started receiving the first vaccination news, we encountered a completely different problem; anti-vaccine cuts.

Both in our country and almost everywhere in the world, there are many people who refuse to be vaccinated for different ‘reasons’. While vaccines have proven to be effective against the virus and its symptoms, and there is still a lot of research on this subject, it is quite surprising for some people that the proportion of anti-vaccines is quite high.

COVID-19 aşısı

According to new surveys and shared information, the number of people against vaccination in the USA is quite high. Even among healthcare professionals most affected by the outbreak, there are too many people who refuse to be vaccinated. Likewise, the vast majority of public officials are insecure against vaccines.

The reason for anti-vaccination groups in the USA is the mistrust in the government and the health system:


Apart from some conspiracy theories we encounter in our country, there is another reason for the distrust in the USA against COVID-19 vaccines. Some health and government workers; they are distrustful of the health system, the government, and whether adequate scrutiny has been done on different ethnicities during the work being done to develop vaccines. This causes these groups to refuse to be vaccinated.

Another reason for vaccine anti-vaccination is fear of side effects. COVID-19 vaccines do not have serious side effects yet, but some fears about possible side effects cause people to think against the vaccine.

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