Coinbase Selects New Altcoin to List: Its Price Rises Too Hard!

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced in its statement that the Virtua (TVK) altcoin has been added to its roadmap for listing.

After the development, there was a sudden increase in the price of the coin.

TVK is already listed on Binance.

Virtua (TVK) is known as a gamified metaverse that provides intense social, Web3 gaming, digital collectibles and interactive experiences. Users can use TVK to buy land, create NFTs, join private clubs and earn rewards on the Virtua platform.

TVK’s total supply is stated as 1,200,000,000 tokens. At the time of this writing, TVK’s total market value stands at $45 million.

The altcoin, which was traded at $ 0.42 before the listing news, showed a sudden rise after the development and reached the limit of $ 0.46.

Coinbase’s roadmap is the way it communicates its plans and decisions to list new assets, integrate new technologies, and expand its services.

However, the cryptocurrency exchange states that there may be times when an asset on its roadmap is delayed or removed from consideration due to various factors.

There is no precise information on how altcoins added to Coinbase’s roadmap perform because different factors can affect price movements.

However, based on some recent examples, some altcoins appear to have experienced an increase in price and volume after being added to the roadmap, as being added to the roadmap indicates a higher chance of being listed on Coinbase in the future.

*Not investment advice.

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