Euler Finance to Vote for Return of Redeemed Funds

Decentralized debt protocol Euler Finance, which suffered a massive cyberattack last month, is preparing to vote for the return of seized funds.

Doug Hoyte, the founder of DeFi platform Euler Finance, plans to return users’ assets as soon as possible with his proposal for community voting. According to the information reflected in the crypto press, Euler developers and external consultants worked to make the process work in the most efficient way.

Euler Finance Recovered Most of the Stolen!

In the last days of March, the news that Euler Finance was hacked hit the agenda like a bombshell. Taking advantage of the vulnerability on the platform, the cyber thief embezzled $200 million worth of crypto money himself.

Euler officials, who followed the hacker after the incident, found that the cyber thief used various platforms to launder cryptocurrencies.

The hacker, whose identity was revealed, had to return all the digital assets he stole to Euler Finance and issued an apology message. While the stolen 95,500 Ethereum and 43 million DAI were returned to the platform, 100 ETH sent to North Korean hackers and 1,100 Ethereum laundered in Tornado Cash were lost.

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