Treasury sold 17.3 billion TL, including ROT, in two auctions

In the two bond auctions organized by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the total sales amounted to 9 billion 581.4 million TL.

With the ROT sales of 7.7 billion TL before the tenders, the total sales reached 17 billion 281.4 million TL.

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance issued bonds with a maturity of 9 months (280 days) and fixed coupon bonds with a maturity of 10 years (3,507 days).

Net sales in the bond auction amounted to 870.4 million TL, and the nominal amount of sales was 936.0 million TL. In the tender, the bid came as 1 billion 346 million TL.

Compound interest in the auction was the lowest 9.65 percent, the average 9.91 percent, and the highest 10.18 percent. The average simple interest rate in the auction was 9.81 percent.

The lowest price of the reissued bond was 92,813 TL, and the average price was 92,986 TL.

The redemption date of the bond, which will be issued on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, will be December 13, 2023.

-Fixed Coupon Bonds..

While the net sales in the fixed coupon bond auction was 8 billion 711 million TL, the nominal amount of the sales was 8 billion 970 million TL.

A nominal offer of 11 billion 350 million TL came to the tender.

In the auction, the lowest compound interest rate was 11.70 percent, the average 11.90 percent, the highest 12.10 percent, while the simple interest came in at an average of 11.56 percent.

The lowest price of the bond was 96,081 TL, and the highest price was 97,113 TL.

The value date of the bond will be on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, and the redemption will take place on October 13, 2032.

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