Edge VPN Important Announcement !!

Dear users, as you know, serious internet usage restrictions have been made in some countries, so even our very strong vpn services have difficulty in keeping up with the demands reaching millions.
When using edge vpn, please select the countries closest to your country and wait for at least 1 or 2 minutes after the connection is established. Due to the bottleneck experienced due to the density, the system experiences minor delays during the encryption process after the connection is established. Edge vpn will do its best to provide the most suitable service for you in the background. If you do not get a response from the service you want after 2 minutes, then the service limit has been reached and repeat the same process by selecting other countries. REMEMBER, the vpn service will serve you indefinitely after a single connection and will not receive another user until you leave or your internet connection is disconnected, so you will have used a very fast connection. connection quality may vary according to the distance of the countries from each other and the density of VPN usage in that region. We are constantly working for you and trying to keep our services alive, I wish you a pleasant day.

Edge VPN – Free VPN Connection – Microsoft Edge Addons

尊敬的用戶,如您所知,一些國家/地區對互聯網的使用進行了嚴格的限制,因此即使我們非常強大的 VPN 服務也難以跟上達到數百萬的需求。
使用edge vpn時,請選擇離您所在國家最近的國家,並在建立連接後至少等待1或2分鐘。由於密度帶來的瓶頸,系統在建立連接後的加密過程中會遇到輕微的延遲。 Edge vpn會在後台竭盡全力為您提供最合適的服務。如果您在 2 分鐘後沒有收到您想要的服務的響應,則說明已達到服務限制,並通過選擇其他國家/地區來重複相同的過程。請記住,vpn 服務將在一次連接後無限期地為您服務,並且在您離開或互聯網連接斷開之前不會接收其他用戶,因此您將使用非常快速的連接。連接質量可能會因國家之間的距離和該地區 VPN 的使用密度而異。我們一直在為您工作,並努力使我們的服務保持活力,祝您度過愉快的一天。

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