100 million lira lease certificate issuance from Qua Granite

Qua Granite has successfully completed its first lease certificate issuance, amounting to TL 100 million and with a maturity of 180 days.

According to the statement of Qua Granite, Qua Granite, which has an important share in the production and export of qualified technical granite, made its first lease certificate issuance through the subsidiary of Albaraka Türk Katılım Bankası, the first participation bank of Turkey, to mediate the issuance of third-party lease certificates. finished with.

The issuance, which was launched with a maturity of 180 days, received more than double the expected demand from approximately thirty different investors. With this transaction, Qua Granite increased the diversity of resources in its balance sheet and extended the maturity of its liabilities.

“We expect the continuation of the lease certificate issuance, which we have implemented for the first time”

Ali Ercan, Chairman of the Board of QUA Granite, whose views were given in the statement, stated that they carry out their activities with the vision of increasing their market share in the sector day by day with innovative technologies, quality products and good service understanding at home and abroad, and said:

“In this context, we attach importance to the development of capital markets and try to use different products. We have tried an interest-free capital market product for the first time with the issuance of 100 million TL of lease certificates and we have received a high demand for our issuance. We are very pleased with the favor shown by the market to Qua Granite. Source Diversity is among our important goals this year as well. Therefore, we expect our lease certificate issuances to continue increasingly.”

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