“Ethereum unstaking transactions face a 17-day waiting period”

According to data from blockchain analytics firm Nansen, Ethereum validators requesting withdrawals after the Shanghai upgrade will have to wait at least 17 days to receive their staked ether (ETH).

Last week, this period was set to 14 days.

The request queue for unstake transactions consists of approximately 28,436 validators who want to exit the Beacon Chain.

Nansen data shows that there are a total of 575,359 validators on the Ethereum blockchain, with around 5 percent of these validators choosing to leave the Ethereum staking process. Validators are responsible for adding transaction blocks to the Ethereum blockchain as part of the verification process. In return, it is entitled to a share of the newly minted ETH rewards and some transaction fees.

However, those who choose to quit enter a process where they contribute to the length of the queue.

According to Nansen analyst Niklas Polk, validators first send a message indicating a 25-minute wait. These validators then join the exit queue, which is currently set at 11.7 days. When they exit this stage, they encounter a withdrawal delay of approximately 27 hours. Finally, withdrawals are processed and deposited after 4.25 days.

In short, if a validator decides to enter the exit queue, they have to wait about 17 days until the ETHs are returned.

Partial withdrawals, on the other hand, only take about 4.27 days. The amount to be deposited is automatically deposited to the confirming addresses if the unstaking information is set. A partial withdrawal means that the validator withdraws only a portion of the staking rewards and keeps their staking ETH in the verification process.

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