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Good news for Android users! Years of play store feature has arrived

The google play store Android version information feature has arrived, which has been expected for years. This feature is a small but important step for Android users

Android users were perhaps waiting for the information feature for app support since the first day the operating system was released. The appearance of smartwatch versions, especially for Android, sometimes caused confusion for users. This issue is eliminated with the latest Google Play Store update.

Android version information required with Google Play Store feature

Android users have been unable to access information about which game and app is compatible with which operating system for years. Google, by contrast, did not either appear on the search list or allow us to install apps that were incompatible with the phone. However, this issue is behind us with the Google Play Store feature, which provides new Android version information.

Google Play Store Android version information is currently available in Turkey. In order to see this information, it is possible to enter the about section of the application and get information about the Android OS requirement on the details.

Google Play Store Android version information and android versions required for PUBG and COD Mobile also appeared

Android users will also understand why the app they can’t install in this sense isn’t supported by their device.

Android versions and usage rate

The current Version of Android 12 has a very low usage rate. According to the latest data, Android 10 ranks first with a 25 percent usage rate. In this sense, Android 11 comes with a usage rate of 37 percent and Android 9 with a usage rate of 12.8 percent.

Android Oreo has a percentage of 6.54 percent. In this sense, the percentage of users with Android 9 and earlier is 24 percent. Apps and games in the Google Play Store typically support Android 4.4 KitKat. However, for many popular apps and games, you need to have at least Android 10 support. In this sense, PUBG does not offer support for android 10 sub-versions.

The Google Play Store user interface has become especially useful in the last two years. The bottom tab design, which specifically replaces the hamburger menu, offers a much more comfortable grocery experience for Android users.

Although the Google Play Store offers new experiences for Android users with its new features, it is still far behind the App Store in terms of security. Google, by contrast, has recently begun detecting malicious apps installed in its app store faster.

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