The positive trend continues on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

BIST 100 started March with an upward trend.

The index, which started the day above 5,250 points, rose to 5,326 points in the middle of the day with the buyer’s course that continued throughout the day. BIST 100 has reached its peak level in mid-February with today’s rise. Thus, while the positive outlook continued in BIST 100, the weekly increase in value reached 5%.

One of the prominent sectors today was factoring, which saw a 7% increase in value. While the positive momentum continued in the mineral products sector, it increased by 3% today. Insurance and machinery also have a value increase of nearly 3% towards the end of the day.

In the market, which continues its positive course today, it was observed that the food and telecommunication sectors remained flat.

Among the stocks included in the BIST 100 index, ISFIN and ISDMR reached the ceiling price and became the most profitable stocks. Other shares that stand out with their increase in value continue as OYAKC, KARSN and SMRTG.

The shares that lost the most today, acting contrary to the stock market in general, continue as DOAS, KOZAL, AEFES, ASUZU and KOZAA as of the moment.

While currently 15 shares have reached the ceiling price across Borsa Istanbul, ULUSE has become the biggest loser today by regressing to the floor price.

Asian indices in foreign markets closed the day with positive. European indices also continued their buying trend for the day. Yesterday, US indices closed the day with slight selling. Today, US futures are moving sideways before the session open.

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