How does the height difference affect your work life?

Although the height difference between people is sometimes a joke in social life, 'height discrimination' does not stop there, it also affects your position in business life and strengthens prejudices. Here is the importance of height difference on career according to researches...

Although your height may seem like just a number, research shows that the height difference between individuals causes ‘height discrimination’ and is effective in shaping business life.

The situation of judging people by their height is one of the most difficult areas to detect. Because judging an employee by his height rather than his skills often seems like a ridiculous idea.

However, some studies show that height affects both men and women in terms of work and career, albeit with small differences.

taller guys earn more

According to the news broadcast on the BBC, it is stated that taller people have higher incomes. It is revealed that taller candidates are preferred in recruitment and that height also affects promotion opportunities.


It is also among the findings that tall men and women are perceived as ‘leaders’ more.

It is among the judgments that we find taller people more dominant, intelligent and healthy, and that especially tall men are more likely to come to managerial positions.

It is stated that height discrimination is a hidden prejudice and arises from our subconscious ideas. So no one thinks that just because someone is taller they would make a better leader.

We can also discriminate frequently in matters such as weight or beauty. In terms of height discrimination, we believe that people with certain height characteristics are better than others.

Haifa University Faculty of Law, Dr. Ömer Kimhi believes that size discrimination is based on evolutionary prejudices because of the importance of size and strength in the animal kingdom.

According to Kimhi, if you’re bigger compared to your co-workers, you seem more likely to be the leader of the group. Although such a judgment may seem illogical in today’s modern world, we continue to associate height with authority, power and a higher position.

From Liverpool Hope University, Dr. Erin Pritchard says there are many ways to reinforce height discrimination in modern society.

According to Pritchard, every country has its own height standards, and this becomes everyone’s ‘must have’ height. If we’re below that, we tell ourselves something is wrong but we continue to respect length.

We see taller people as more resourceful, more risk-tolerant, dominant, extraordinarily talented, and even charismatic. On the other hand, Pritchard said, “Shorter people are not taken so seriously, they are not respected and they can be a joke.”

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