A Date Has Been Set for the Major Update in Ethereum (ETH): Developers Announced!

Ethereum (ETH) developers are targeting March 14th for the Shanghai upgrade on the Goerli testnet. If the launch of Shanghai on Goerli goes smoothly, ETH investors can expect the mainnet launch of the major upgrade in the second week of April.

Developers agreed on the targeted date during their biweekly meeting on Thursday.

The Goerli test is closely watched as it is the largest public ETH testnet and represents the last chance for stakers to make sure their staked ETH is withdrawable before the Shanghai mainnet launch.

However, it will not be possible to withdraw all staked Ethereum tokens at once.

After the Goerli test, all that remains is for ETH developers to set a date for the mainnet upgrade, known as the Shanghai upgrade or Shapella.

The Ethereum Foundation has not released a specific blog renaming the upgrade to “Shapella,” but main developers have started referring to it as such over time.

Earlier this week, the Sepolia testnet passed Shapella, and ETH developers said everything was running smoothly.

During Thursday’s “execution layer 156” meeting, ETH core developers reached a general consensus that the Ethereum main blockchain will receive the Shapella upgrade three to four weeks after Goerli.

This means that staked ETH withdrawal will happen in April with a slight delay from the original timeline set by Ethereum developers for March.

*Not investment advice.

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