Fingerprint your customers

Fanaliz is a fintech company that measures the payment capabilities of its customers with whom companies have commercial relations. It produces a risk decision about the customer by using advanced algorithms in a few seconds.

In February 2018, 1 billion 397 million TL of bounced checks and 969 million TL of promissory notes were protested in our country. In an economy where such situations are frequently encountered, the importance of credit risk management continues to increase day by day. In order to effectively manage credit risk, the financial sector quickly makes decisions using algorithms and systems, such as artificial intelligence, which is today’s popular topic. Fanaliz, one of the new players in the sector, provides data analysis and credit risk scoring services in this field, while taking customer relations to another dimension with low cost and high speed.

Low cost and high speed credit risk scoring

Fanaliz Co-Founder Dr. Atakan Yücel says that companies measure the payment proficiency of their customers in seconds through the web-based software they have developed. Expressing that they developed their systems based on their credit risk and scoring experience of more than 10 years, even though they were established in 2016, Yücel underlines that the level of development of the infrastructure they use is at the same level as Turkey’s leading financial institutions: We offer a product that enables institutions to understand their customers in depth and manage their risks wisely. The product we offer enables the real sector to perform advanced credit risk management at low cost without establishing large teams. Our system combines up-to-date financial data with advanced algorithms to generate risk decision and limit information for individual and corporate customers in seconds.”

Business volume and customer growth with smart risk management

Stating that the system they have developed has 3 main benefits, Yücel points out that the system not only reports results in a short time thanks to its state-of-the-art software hardware, but also checks the current data about the payment adequacy of the customers and supports making sales decisions. He draws attention to the fact that by managing the receivables risk wisely, he gained more customers and increased his business volume.

Saying, “In addition to the benefits of our system, we provide consultancy for institutions to suggest that they make more sales and keep the risk at a more reasonable level by analyzing their internal data,” Yucel said. He also states that they provide consultancy services on issues. Expressing that the companies also offer modeling and scoring services in terms of risk rating of their wide customer portfolio and determining the strategies related to the receivables that are being collected, Yücel says, “Following the use of our system by the institutions, we will also be producing advanced portfolio and customer risk analysis reports and special evaluation systems for customer groups.” .

How does fanalysis work?

1- Fanaliz system is equipped with state-of-the-art software techniques and you will get results within seconds.
2- By enabling you to manage your receivables risk wisely, it will gain more customers and increase your business volume.
3- It checks the up-to-date data of your customers regarding the payment adequacy and supports you in making a sales decision.

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