Intel’s One Million Error Facial Recognition Device: RealSense ID

Intel announced RealSense ID, a new artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition device. The product, which protects users’ biometric data by encrypting, does not allow fake attempts such as masks and videos with its special systems. Moreover, this product does not need any advanced network system.
US-based technology giant Intel announced its next generation facial recognition device at an event it organized. This device called “RealSense ID”, which has a very strong artificial intelligence support, is designed to work with devices and rooms that require access permission, ATMs, kiosk points and smart locks. The company shows the most advantageous aspect of the product as it does not require network setup.

Intel RealSense ID encrypts all the details of a person’s face with its artificial intelligence support. The product, which also records this encryption in its software, does not require cable crowds and advanced system setups. According to Intel, the speed of this facial recognition device allows a person to be recognized at a glance.

Intel’s facial recognition device, this is how it looks

Intel RealSense ID

Intel’s facial recognition device has a specially developed processor for this process. Equipped with private and encrypted software and security features, the device offers much more than traditional face recognition devices thanks to these features. In addition to all these, the product, which has a special software for misleading attempts such as video and masks, manages to differentiate from its counterparts with the possibility of 1 million errors.

Intel says the Realsense ID can be actively used in many industries such as banking, health and security. However, Intel says that user data is encrypted so that biometric data is not accessible to anyone, and this is an important advantage compared to similar face recognition systems. As you can imagine, this product is not suitable for personal use and its price has not been disclosed.

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