Samsung Introduces Neo QLED TVs Offering 8K Resolution and Higher Contrast

Samsung introduced new Neo QLED TVs that offer resolutions up to 8K and increase the contrast with mini LED technology. The new Samsung Neo QLED TVs have very interesting features for gamers as well.
South Korean technology giant Samsung has announced Neo QLED TVs that use mini LED technology that will excite movie buffs and gamers right before CES 2021. While the new Samsung TVs offer some impressive features for those who prefer a TV instead of a monitor for gaming; It also maximizes the pleasure of watching movies with its mini LED technology.

According to the statements made by Samsung, the new TVs that the company calls Neo QLED; It consists of a total of 6 models, two of which are 8K and four are 4K. The QN900A is the successor to last year’s top-of-the-line Samsung 8K QLED TV, offering users an almost completely frameless TV. While the QN800A is the other TV model that offers 8K resolution; 4K Neo QLED TVs are called QN95A, QN90A and QN85A.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs support 4K 120Hz streaming

Samsung Neo QLED TV 8K

As we mentioned at the beginning of our news, Samsung Neo QLED TVs have some remarkable features for gamers. Among them are HDMI 2.1 support that supports 4K 120Hz video streaming, variable screen refresh rate, automatic low latency mode and a new “joystick” where you can access and control all these features quickly.

Samsung Neo QLED TV oyun modu

Samsung has built more audio drivers on its Neo QLED TVs for its new technology called Object Tracking Sound. Neo QLED TVs analyze the scene on the screen and run different audio drivers, creating an atmosphere as if the sound is coming directly from the source on the screen. In addition, with the new SpaceFit Sound feature, the microphones on Neo QLED TVs analyze the acoustic state of the environment and optimize the sound. In addition, these microphones can be used for Google Assistant or Alexa.

With Samsung Neo QLED TVs, you can check if you are doing the movement correctly while doing sports at home.

Samsung Neo QLED TV hoparlör

Samsung also draws attention to the Samsung Health software of the new Neo QLED TVs. Thanks to the new feature called Smart Trainer, Neo QLED TVs can be paired with a camera. Thanks to this camera, you can see yourself on one half of the screen and the fitness instructor on the other half while doing sports at home. So you can directly check whether you are doing a move correctly or not. In addition, the number of repetitions you make during a move is also displayed on the screen. In addition, Neo QLED TV can provide feedback on the calories you burn and other measurements.

Samsung Neo QLED TV fitness

Prices for Samsung Neo QLED TVs have not yet been announced, but the products will be officially launched within a few months, and the price tags that are likely to be too high for many consumers to even hear about will appear when the products are launched.

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