ASUS Confirms GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 20GB and RTX 3060 12GB Cards Future

The listings on ASUS ‘support site have confirmed the rumors that RTX 3080 Ti 20 GB and RTX 3060 12 GB cards are coming.
The GeForce RTX graphics card series has always been at the center of the rumors. In recent rumors, there were claims that the company would release the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3060 cards. It seems ASUS confirmed this information.

It is currently uncertain whether this information was shared on purpose or not. The addition of two new members of the GeForce RTX 30 series among the options on the company’s support site is seen as the company’s verification of the cards.

New Ampere cards coming?

geforce rtx 3080 ti

Normally, the arrival of new Ampere cards would be a surprise. NVIDIA attracted attention with the GeForce RTX 3080 on September 17. Then came the GeForce RTX 3090. On October 29 we saw the GEForce RTX 3070.

On December 2, the long-term rumors came true, and we saw the $ 399 GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, the most affordable Ampere card currently. The announced cards were limited to those listed above.

In this process, rumors about the new Ampere cards started to emerge one by one. Earlier this month, we saw the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti in the HP drive ID listing. The ASUS listing has also been a confirmation of this situation.

ASUS removed the cards

asus rog

ASUS then removed the entries with unannounced cards from its menu. However, since it was the internet in question, someone had already taken screenshots of the listings with the cards. These screenshots include devices with the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 20 GB card ROG and 12 GB RTX 3060 card.

Apparently, the amount of memory will double in the Ti version, cards will continue to use GDDR6X. It was not possible to see other features. For reference, the standard GeForce RTX 3080 had 8704 CUDA cores, 1440 MHz base and 1710 MHz boosted speed.

Whether these cards will actually hit the market or how their price will be determined is currently unknown. Still, the listings of both HP and ASUS highlighting the new models indicate that these cards will be released soon.

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