Kia Announces Its New Logo and Slogan To Be Used In 2021

The new logo, which Kia will start using by 2021, has received all the necessary approvals. In the official statement made by the company, it was stated that this logo and the new slogan created with the logo will be used as of January. It is not yet clear which one will be the first vehicle to come with the new logo.
Developments in the automobile industry and the fact that the cars produced started to shift to electric motor structures made companies make radical decisions. The most popular move in this context was the renewal of company logos. Automobile giants have tried to make sure that the innovation is reflected on the consumers by making logo changes one after the other. Now a new one has been added among these companies. South Korean Kia has completed official applications for its new logo.

As a matter of fact, Kia’s logo change is not a new development. The company showed its new logos along with new vehicle designs at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019. However, many people focused more on the characteristics of the cars than on Kia’s new logo. Kia, who applied to the South Korean Intellectual Property Information Service a few months ago, got the approval. In the explanations on the subject, it was stated that the new logo will be used as of January 2021.

This is how Kia’s new logo looks


Each letter is featured on Kia’s current logo. In addition, the company uses the slogan “Power Astonishing” for this existing logo. The slogan used in 2021 will also change. Accordingly, Kia’s new slogan will appear as “Inspiring Action”. Also, with the new logo, all letters will be linked. Although the new logo is hard to read, it looks like it will look more elegant compared to the old logo.

Of course, this radical change of Kia is part of the company’s plans for electric vehicles. However, for now, it is not officially known which vehicle is the first to use this logo. Expectations are that the K7 Cadenza will use this logo. The vehicle, which is expected to arrive in global markets as the K8, will be Kia’s new sedan in the D segment. It is also stated that the first orders for this vehicle will begin to be received in February 2021. In other words, Kia can organize an event at any time and introduce its newest sedan to consumers.

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