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Sony to plant hundreds of thousands of trees thanks to Horizon Forbidden West

Sony is preparing to launch an environmentally friendly campaign with the release of Horizon Forbidden West.

Sony, which will release its newest game Horizon Forbidden West in 2 days, has decided to launch a unique campaign for the planet we live on.

The company, which calls this capmania “Play and Plant,” will plant hundreds of thousands of trees with a special prize for players to open at Horizon Forbidden West until March 25.

Trees to be planted in endangered forests in U.S.

Sony has done such a job to support the United Nations campaign, Play4Forests, and aims to plant a total of 288,000 trees.

Sony, which will host the campaign from February 18 to March 25, said of this campaign, which is extremely useful for the planet: “When we launched Horizon Forbidden West, we wanted to do something to contribute to nature. Just like Aloy’s efforts to save the Earth, we can help our planet by giving up.”

What Horizon Forbidden West players need to do to join this campaign is simple. The company, which wants the campaign to reach its goal as soon as possible, has added the “Reached the Daunt” award, which should be opened, to the beginning of the game. That’s why players don’t have to spend a lot of time planting trees on their behalf.

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