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PUBG: New mode has arrived in New State!

PUBG: New State got a new mode with today’s February update. In addition, a large number of new content has been added to the game.

The February update of the popular game PUBG: New State came today. Along with three new weapons, the new death match mode brought a large number of content, including two weapon customizations, a co-op re-enactment function, and a gift system. Not only that, but bug fixes and performance optimizations were included in the build.

PUBG: New State has received a lot of content

In addition to the new death match, various improvements have come for Team Deathmatch. The developer team has refreshed the station map to provide more space. In addition, Team Deathmatch’s interface has a new design. New weapons such as mp5Kcrossbow and DSR-1 have been added to the build.

  • pubg-new-state-new-mod-aldi

The Co-op now offers a new resurrection system where up to three team members can revive their teammates. Today, in Survivor Pass Vol.4, players took on story missions to earn costumes and character skins. In addition, those who pay for a Premium Pass also receive more rewards.

With all this content, there’s more to consider, such as improved enemy marking, QoL improvements that fix duplicates, and optimization. After all, PUBG: New State hasn’t even been out for a year. Therefore, the improvements will continue for some time. Still, it makes the players happy to see Krafton be concerned about it.

New 4v4 Deathmatch mode

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