The FIFA 23 broadcast was mistaken for a World Cup match!

The footage of FIFA 23, which stands out with its realism, was mistaken for a real World Cup match with a broadcast on YouTube.

FIFA 23, which was released by Electronic Arts last month, was met with great interest by the players. So much so that the game, which draws attention with its realism, led to a deception that was frequently seen in the past. Here are the details…

The FIFA 23 broadcast on YouTube was mistaken for the real World Cup match!

The World Cup match between Germany and Japan was awaited with great interest by football fans. A YouTube channel, which turned this situation into an opportunity, presented the Germany-Japan match in FIFA 23 as if it were a real World Cup match, and was watched by thousands of people at the same time.

FIFA 23 broadcast mistook for a World Cup match

According to the news of VNExpress, the channel included expressions in its broadcast title as if it was a real World Cup match. To make the broadcast look more realistic, he slowed the pace of the game and set the duration of the match to 90 minutes, as in real life.

Some users realized that the images were not real and wrote in the chat of the broadcast. However, especially mobile users and those who did not follow the chat section did not see these messages and continued to watch the broadcast as if it were real.

It is not clear whether the channel earns money from this broadcast, but if we look at the number of viewers, a very high profit can be made. The monetization feature of the video may have been turned off after users complained that the broadcast was a deception.


Events similar to this one that took place in FIFA 23 have happened frequently in the past. So much so that a TV channel took footage from the military role-playing game ARMA 3 and served it to the audience in the warhead between Russia and Ukraine.

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