Despite Apple: Fortnite returns to iPhone

Fortnite was removed from the App Store by Apple two years ago and has become playable on iPhone devices with Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Fortnite, the popular battle royale game from Epic Games, was removed from the App Store because it used its own system instead of Apple’s payment system. Thus, the iPhone and iPad became inaccessible to devices.

While the Fortnite battle between Apple and Epic, which has been going on legal grounds for nearly two years, has yet to reach a conclusion, today there was a surprise development. Fortnite has been added to Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming. With this development, the game became officially playable on iPhone after a long time.

iPhone users will be able to play Fortnite

“I am excited to announce that we are partnering with Epic Games to make Fortnite available on supported platforms,” said Catherine Gluckstein, Product President of Xbox Cloud Gaming, adding that battle royale can be played in 26 countries where xbox cloud gaming is active.

You need to have an iOS, iPadOS, Android phone/tablet or Windows PC with internet access. You also have to have a Microsoft account because Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available through sign-in. If you meet these requirements, you can start playing by opening Safari and going to

Not available in Turkey

The bad news is that Xbox Cloud Gaming is not yet active in Turkey. However, this does not mean that iPhone users in Turkey will not be able to play Fortnite.

The service is only available in the UNITED States, Uk, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, CzechIa, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, Austria and Australia. You can play Fortnite by connecting to these countries with a VPN.

He made a reference to Apple.

“Fortnite can now be played with FREE streaming on web browsers on iPhone, iPad and Android via Xbox Cloud,” Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney tweeted. Recalling Apple’s policy of taking commissions on purchases for the app, Sweeney referred to it as “there is no 30% Apple tax.”

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