Some PS5 Owners Are Complaining About DualSense’s Breaking Keys

The posts on the forums for PlayStation show that the controller of the PlayStation 5, which is only a month old, has started to deteriorate. While users report that different keys are broken, the most cited key is R2, suggesting that the remote may be chronically problematic.
Japan-based technology giant Sony launched the new game console PlayStation 5 as of last month. The console, which has impressive features such as unprecedented fast downloads, 120 Hz refresh rate at 4K resolution, is currently on the agenda with a problem that worries many players. According to the feedback of the players, DualSense, developed for the next generation console, is faced with some hardware problems.

According to the notifications on the forums for PlayStation, players are extremely complaining that the DualSense keys have started to malfunction. Some players even declare that the corruption occurs while playing the game, and the game remains as it is. Some players unfortunately complain about a common button. This key is “R2”, which will be critical in many games.

Could the most critical part of PlayStation 5 be chronically problematic?


DualSense has quite advanced features compared to previous generation controllers. The clearest example of this is the haptic feedback feature. Abandoning the vibration motors in the previous generation controllers, Sony opted for a very advanced tactile feedback system this time. Thus, a player can feel the game in a better way. However, it seems that the problems that started to be experienced are causing the players to be deprived of this pleasure.

According to the feedback from users, the problem is not caused by the software. This means that problems in DualSense cannot be fixed with updates. Many gamers are concerned that DualSense could have chronic problems, although Sony has not made a statement regarding this issue so far. Because if the company puts the problem on the players, thousands of players may have to buy a new DualSense. We will continue to inform you if Sony makes a statement on the matter.

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