The decline in Borsa Istanbul accelerated towards the close

The BIST 100 index started the day with a slight rise above 5,000 points, but in the ongoing hour, the index dropped below the 5,000 point level due to the increasing pressure from the sellers.

While BIST 100 was moving horizontally in the range of 4,990 – 5,000 points in intraday transactions, the index moved rapidly towards the limit of 4,900 points with the sales accelerating towards the close and has lost more than 2% in the last hour.

The best-selling sectors in today’s decline of the stock market were communications, construction and metal products. While there is no positive sector as of now, SME has remained flat and resisted the decline. Simple metals and insurance had less than 1% depreciation.

While banks decreased by 2%, financials decreased by 1.7% in the last hour, industrial 1.8% and services sector by 2%.

Stocks with the highest gains in Borsa Istanbul today

The top 5 highest-earning stocks, with a positive separation across Borsa Istanbul, are listed as follows:

Çimbeton Ready Mixed Concrete (CMBTN)
Ottoman Investment (OSMEN)
Korfez Real Estate (KRGYO)
Iskenderun Iron and Steel Co. Inc. (ISDMR)
Yayla Energy (YALA)
Along with these shares, which were traded at the ceiling price, the shares of EUPWR, the last company to start trading on the stock exchange, were also traded at the ceiling price.

The biggest losing stocks of the day are;

Imas Machinery Industry (IMASM)
Borusan Mannesmann Pipe Industry and Trade Inc. (BRSAN)
Fenerbahce Futbol A.S. (TORCH)
Sarkuysan Electrolyte Copper (SARKY)
LDR Tourism Inc. (LEADER)
listed as.

Negative outlook prevails in foreign markets. While European indices are negative towards the close, DAX partially regresses by 0.17%, CAC 40 is close to 1% and FTSE 100 has a half point decrease.

US markets also opened with sellers. S&P 500 and Nasdaq) are seeing losses close to 1%, while Dow Jones is down 0.25% at the open.

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