Twitter rivals WordPress

It turns out that Twitter is working on the Twitter Articles feature, which will allow users to write long articles.

Twitter, which raised its 140-character limit to 280 in 2017, is working on a new feature. Users will be able to write longer texts thanks to the Twitter Articles feature.

Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey recently announced Facebook’s shelved cryptocurrency project. The Diem project was a waste of time, Dorsey said, criticizing the company for not using open protocol. Twitter, which came up with NFT avatar support, came up with a different feature this time.

Twitter Articles feature will be available to users soon

Jane Wong, who reverse-engineered innovations in apps, shared Twitter’s feature for long texts. The screenshot shared by Wong includes the text “Create a Twitter Article.”

Twitter Articles feature will be available to users soon

Threads feature activated, allowing sequential Tweets written in 2020 to appear regularly. Threads was criticized by many for its 280-character limit, although it is suitable for long posts. Considering users’ complaints, the company has finally started working on the new feature.

A Twitter spokesman said the company would soon share more details about twitter articles. Analysts said the company needed such a feature to rival platforms such as Medium and WordPress.

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