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EA Sports explained! Here’s the situation with Russia in FIFA games

EA Sports has announced decisions made by the Russian national team and its clubs at FIFA games following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The whole world is focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This tension, which is followed by unease, undoubtedly does not help. Many countries and large companies are imposing sanctions against Russia and Russian society in order to take a stand. EA Sports also participated in this growing line of sanctions.

Russian national team and Russian football clubs removed from FIFA games

Sanctions against Russia from all over the world continue to increase. EA Sports FIFA is not silent on the human drama in Ukraine. EA Sports has removed the Russian national team and Russian clubs from FIFA 22, FIFA mobile and FIFA online games, according to a statement on Twitter.

EA Sports advocates peace all over the world and in Ukraine, the statement said. The company said it had taken this sanctions decision to end the occupation as soon as possible, and said it had taken this decision after discussions with FIFA and UEFA. FIFA appears to have had an influence in making this decision.

FIFA officials, who said the war environment had a negative impact on the sport as well as in many areas, met extraordinarily yesterday to decide on sanctions. FIFA said in its sanctions decision yesterday:

If the situation in Ukraine does not improve rapidly, we will have all sanctions in place in the very near future, including banning Russia from international competitions. That’s why we’re in touch with the International Olympic Committee, UEFA and all other sports organizations.

FIFA has decided that russia will not be mentioned in international matches. The Russian flag symbol will not be used in matches that are decided to be played under the name of the Russian Football Association. It was also decided that the matches hosted by the Russian Football Association would be played outside Russia. There will also be no Russian fans at the matches, which will be on neutral ground.

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