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Russia used banned vacuum bombs over Ukraine?

Russia allegedly dropped cluster bombs and vacuum bombs as powerful as ballistic nuclear missiles on Ukraine. So what’s this bomb?

Oksana Markarova, former Ukrainian Finance Minister and current ambassador to the United States, came to the world’s attention with her answers to questions from the press after a meeting with members of the US Congress. Markarova claimed that marbles and vacuum bombs were dropped by Russia on her country, which was banned from use.

Following this statement by Oksana Markarova, many human rights defenders and organizations stepped in, saying that they had various reports and that allegations that the Russian side was using cluster bombs were quite strong.

What is a vacuum bomb?

The thermobaric bomb, popularly known as vacuum bombs, is banned from use and classed as offensive weapons only. Like the most well-known nuclear and atomic bombs today, it doesn’t leave behind deadly radiation, but it’s just as powerful.

Cluster bomb / vacuum bomb

Vacuum bombs are usually used by air-to-ground aircraft. Then 2 critical stages take place. In the first step, the chamber with high flammability explodes at the specified altitude, filtering like a rain falling down from the sky. In the second step, an explosive called Aerosol, located in another chamber, fires, burning the sky to the ground.

It also absorbs as much oxygen as possible, applying pressure to the ground and creating a vacuum effect. According to the report, all living things within the boundaries of the shock wave die at that moment. But the main reason it is banned is because it vaporizes all living things within the domain. Of course, there is no chemical or nuclear waste left in the soil after the explosion, but the resulting shock wave does not search for the atomic bomb.

What’s a cluster bomb?

Modern versions of this weapon, known as cluster bombs or inflorescence bombs, open the coating around it as it moves towards its target in the sky, leaving out dozens of small bombs.

Cluster bomb / vacuum bomb

These tiny bombs then explode where they hit without a specific target in the designated area. Although the explosive effect is not very high, it focuses entirely on ending human life in that area due to the shrapnel scattered around.

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