Apple has started working on the smart ring!

Apple, which has been working on smart rings for a long time, is preparing to combine this idea with augmented reality technology.

What comes to mind when you think of Apple ? We seem to hear you say smart phone, tablet and computer. Apple, one of the leading brands in technological products, may now come up with a different product. The US technology company started to work on smart rings .

Smart ring opens a new door to virtual reality

Apple, which has been working on “Smart Ring” for a long time , is preparing to combine this idea with augmented reality technology. Apple’s South Korean partner “Cupertino Giant” has filed two patent applications on the long-talked-about Smart Ring’s capabilities and how it will work .

The patent application points to a finger-guided computer. In this way , it is aimed to control the mouse and other operations on the computer via the smart ring . This system also sheds light on how the smart ring will connect with augmented reality .

Apple smart ring

Controlling today’s computers using conventional interface devices is quite easy, but things get more complicated as we move into the world of “augmented reality” and “virtual reality” . Apple prefers to use a ring on this road.

In the patent application, it is stated that the gloves used for feedback in the virtual reality environment can be both uncomfortable and provide insufficient information. It is stated that the smart ring can provide control of digital actions with its sensors .

For example, when a user is using a virtual keyboard in a digital environment, the finger movements of the person can be followed thanks to the ring he has . Thus , the system can be used without an interface that covers the entire hand, such as a glove .

The latest information shows that Apple is already working on smart ring accessories . It is stated that the technology company has started working on a charging box for the smart ring, just like Airpods .

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