Critical stage for Warzone: The iconic map is changing!

The end of the road for Warzone’s iconic map, Island, is in sight. Activision was on the agenda with the sharing of its new Warzone map, Fortune’s Keep.

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most played online games right now. The fact that the game is free and belongs to a strong brand like Call of Duty are the biggest factors in expanding its player base. Activision, which has been keeping the game’s content up-to-date by increasing the frequency of updates recently, announced that it is about to bring one of the most important updates for Warzone. This update brings the new Warzone map called Fortune’s Keep to the game.

Every battle-royale game has an iconic map, and these maps don’t change very often. The purpose of this is not to harm the gameplay habits of the players. Warzone has kept this strategy for years, but after a long time, it’s time to change the map.

Warzone moves to Fortune’s Keep map

Activision sent a cake to publishers producing content for Warzone, giving the message that a new map was coming. The fact that another map will replace the Island map, which we have been playing for a long time, had a great impact among the players. The map change was confirmed by Activision’s post today, and more details were given about the map named Fortune’s Keep.

Although screenshots about the appearance of the map have not been shared yet, we can see the regions clearly. Although Fortune’s Keep, which will create a radical change for Warzone, received many negative comments in a short time, it must be admitted that these are just prejudices for now. We’ll be able to make more consistent comments once the map is released or at least screenshots are shared.

call of duty warzone

Warzone is developing a new game while fighting against cheaters. The new Warzone, designed to offer an experience unique to the next generation consoles, will be released as a separate game in 2023-2024. It is also possible that we will see another map change by then.

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