LG Develops Transparent Screen Acting as a Panel to Prevent the Spreading of COVID-19

Introducing its new transparent OLED touch screen in recent months, LG continues its unlimited work in technology without slowing down. The tech giant has now developed a new transparent screen for commercial purposes to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Although transparent screens have not yet entered the halls of our home, many technology giants have taken serious steps in this regard and developed transparent screens that can be used for different purposes. LG is one of the companies carrying the flag in this race and is constantly working to include transparent screen technology in our lives.

The last step LG took at this point was to develop a new transparent screen to act as a panel to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The new transparent screen, which LG is preparing to introduce at CES 2021, will be used as a panel between people, especially in restaurants, and can also serve as a menu. In this way, an obstacle will be put in front of the spread of COVID-19 among individuals in social areas.

It can also be used in subway windows and smart homes:

LG Şeffaf ekran

Of course, restaurants will not be the only use of this transparent screen. The transparent screen, which can also be used as a TV in smart homes, can also be used for alternative areas such as the windows of subways.

We do not yet know the technical details about this new transparent screen, which will appear at CES 2021, which will be held online in the coming days. However, considering the place LG has come to in transparent screen technology, we can say that this new 55-inch screen will bring us one step closer to the more common transparent screen technology.

LG şeffaf ekran

Of course, considering that transparent screen technology is not yet a very affordable technology, it seems that we will have to wait a long time to see this screen in the ‘that’ cafe where we go to eat pasta with our friends.

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