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Take-Two CEO points to GTA 6!

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told a news outlet that he was excited about the development of the GTA 6 game.

GTA 5 and Online mode have become the game that saves the company a lot of money. The production had multiple price iterations throughout the three console generations. Rockstar Games recently confirmed that the much-anticipated GTA 6 game is in development.

A media outlet interviewed the CEO of Take-Two. Meanwhile, CEO Strauss Zelnick said the series will not be stuck in the past. Thus, the future of a new GTA game is confirmed again.

Zelnick signals GTA 6 game

Zelnick stressed the importance of always looking willing to be fresh in game development. In addition, “You should always be willing to give consumers what they want. The moment you try to preserve the past, you become insignificant,” he said.


Zelnick: “GTA: Trilogy Definitive Edition exceeded our commercial expectations”

The Take-Two CEO added that he was excited that Rockstar Games was working on a new GTA game. When we look at it here, there are a lot of ironic things that arise about Zelnick not preserving the past. GTA: Trilogy Definitive Edition exceeded Zelnick’s commercial expectations, despite being a sloppy version of revised PS2-era games.


In addition, Rockstar Games is releasing a different version of GTA 5 for the next generation of consoles in March. Addressing past games is part of rockstar games’ entire deal. At this point, it seems difficult to say whether Zelnick’s words are me just corporate words or a sign of change.

Still, long after the release of GTA 5, seeing scraps of information about GTA 6 made the game’s waiters happy. At this point, fans began to get more excited about the new game.

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