The statement from spotify CEO that broke hopes!

Spotify still can’t be sure about its HiFi feature. The promise, which emerged in 2021, remains unclear.

Spotify still hasn’t brought the HiFi feature it promised. At this point, users are still questioning when the option will arrive. Even CEO Daniel Ek doesn’t seem to know the answer to that question. Ek spoke to analysts and investors yesterday. The appendix said the feature depends on the licensing process, with Spotify constantly communicating with interested parties to bring the option to market.

Spotify can’t be sure about HiFi feature

Spotify announced plans to roll out the new HiFi tier in 2021. It’s been a year at this point. This deadline came without any updates from the company. This pushed many users of the service to apple music and amazon music. However, the question of the option to come into service remains like a cave waiting to be clarified.


Spotify made an ambiguous comment about the status of its HiFi presentation last month. In fact, in the meantime, he explained that the option was postponed indefinitely. Since then, it seems like there hasn’t been any change. Because there’s still no word from that area.

Spotify’s 2021 4. Following the quarterly earnings announcement, Ek spoke to analysts and investors. At the time, he said the company did not have any specific information to explain about the feature. Ek announced that many music-related features have been postponed due to licensing negotiations with partners. Finally, he concluded:

“Most of the features we are talking about, especially related to music, result in licensing. Therefore, we are in constant dialogue with our partners to bring this to market. Other than that, I can’t say anything else.”

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek

Lack of HiFi has a bad effect

Whatever the details of the situation, it has a bad effect on the Spotify side. The company announced the HiFi layer exactly one year ago. It hasn’t been released yet. The latest comments on the status of the feature also offer no hope that it will come soon or not.


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