New Treatment Method That Doubles the Survival of Severe COVID-19 Patients

Scientists applied stem cell therapy to 24 patients who had severe COVID-19. As a result of the examinations, it was determined that the life chances of these patients were twice as compared to patients who did not receive stem cell therapy. Approved in the USA, the treatment method created a new hope against the epidemic.
Scientists working within the University of Miami have started to apply a new treatment method for people with severe COVID-19 disease. Scientists who apply cord blood (stem cell) taken from newborn babies to patients, announced that the chance of life in patients under the age of 85 doubles. Professor Camillo Ricordi states that stem cell therapy is a smart bomb against COVID-19.

Scientists gave stem cells to half of 48 patients with acute respiratory problems after contracting COVID-19, and a placebo to half. The experts, who continued the treatment routinely, found that after one month, 91 percent of the patients who received stem cell therapy survived, compared with only 42 percent of those who received a placebo. While only one of the patients who received stem cell therapy died, it was announced that this person was over 85 years old.

200 million stem cells given to 24 COVID-19 patients


Research shows that the healing processes of patients who receive stem cell therapy are also accelerated. In this context, more than half of the patients who received stem cells once or twice in two days regained their health within a short period of 15 days. More than 80 percent of COVID-19 patients who received stem cell therapy regained their health within a maximum of one month.

Professor Ricordi states that the stem cells, which are thought to be a cure for many diseases, attack the lungs as soon as they are injected into the body and begin to heal lung tissues worn out due to coronavirus. Ricordi stated that they applied to the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment method they applied without wasting any time, and that the institution approved this treatment method within a week. Experts who say that the stem cell in a single umbilical cord can be enough for 10 thousand patients, are more than hopeful about stem cell therapy.

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