Summarized Google Photos’ “Stories” Feature

An Annual Summary compilation came to Google Photos’ Stories-like “Memories” feature. The feature published for all users is not available to some users, whose update cannot reach all devices yet.
Google has released a new feature for its cloud-based photo backup and editing service, “Year in Review”. The feature in question, as the name suggests, will provide users with a summary of the year 2020.

As you know, Google already offers automatic compilations by year in the “Memories” section, such as “x years ago this week” or x years ago today. The Annual Review, published on both Android and iOS versions of Google Photos, is a summary of photos and videos released in the last 12 months ago.

You can take a look at the recap of 2020 with the Google Photos “Annual Review”

google fotoğraflar

Although the content of the Annual Review is different, its use is not different from the standard “Memories”. The photos are on the date they were taken, you can click the three dots (options) button at the bottom right to access the “Show all photos of today” option, you can add the photo to favorites by tapping the star icon, and you can share it on other social media platforms by tapping the share icon.

Although Google has released the Annual Review feature for all users, the feature is not yet available to everyone as the update is released gradually. Users can check whether the Photos application is up-to-date by going to the application store of the smartphone they use, and after updating the application, they can open the Photos application and see the Annual Review compilation at the beginning of the “Memories” section. Let us remind you once again that the update has not reached all devices yet.

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