New images of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro revealed

New images of Galaxy Buds Pro, the new wireless headset that Samsung is preparing to introduce at the UNPACKED event to be held on January 14, have emerged. The new images confirm the design details and some features of many leaks we come across.
Samsung’s new flagship series Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Buds Pro will be introduced to UNPACKED. As a result, there is a lot of information about both the Galaxy S21 series and Samsung’s new headset, and the leaks are not interrupted.

There have been many leaks related to Galaxy Buds Pro for a while. We learned the design, features and even the price of the new generation wireless headphones. The new images that we see now confirm many leaks that we have encountered so far, especially in the design of the headphones.

Galaxy Buds Pro appeared with its box in these new images:,

Galaxy Buds Pro

In these new images shared by a Facebook user, we see the Galaxy Buds Pro with its charging box. The box is very similar in design to the Galaxy Buds Live box. The design of the headset is the same as in all the images we have seen so far. Galaxy Buds Pro has more oval lines, quite different from the Galaxy Buds Live’s bean-like design.

At the same time, in the images, there is a box in which the charging box and the headphones will come out. This box also contains details about some of the features of the headset. Details are included in the box, such as that the headset is IPX7 certified, which is proof that it will exhibit maximum resistance to water and sweat, the future with advanced active noise canceling support and offers 5 to 18 hours of playtime.

Samsung Galaxy Buds pro

The Facebook user who shared the photos put the headset on sale on Facebook Marketplace and charged a price of $ 180. However, of course, this price may not indicate the original selling price of the headset. The latest information about the price of the Galaxy Buds Pro was that the price of the headset would be $ 199, but we will have to wait January 14 to confirm all this information.

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