The famous stock market platform has been hacked! Millions of accounts at stake

The famous stock market platform recently announced that it had been hacked. Millions of accounts are at stake at this point.

With the development of technology, there has been a significant increase in the number of cybercrime in this area. Especially with the significant appreciation of crypto assets, which have recently been seen as the currencies of the future, the appetite of hackers is almost whet, while exchanges and platforms focused on these currencies become the main targets.

A new one was recently added. The famous US-based stock exchange platform announced in a statement that it had been hacked. According to reports, millions of accounts are at risk.

Stock market platform Robinhood recently hacked

Robinhood,one of the most famous U.S. stock exchange platforms known for not receiving commissions for transactions, announced last Monday that it was cyber-hacked on November 3, 2021, resulting in the seizure of the personal data of over 7 million users.

During a phone call with a customer service representative, the hacker hacked into Robinhood support systems and obtained a list of email addresses belonging to about 5 million users and the names and surnames of more than 2 million people, the platform claims.

At the same time, the personal information of a group of 310 people, such as their first name, surname, date of birth and email address, and 10 others’ extensive account information, were obtained by the hacker.

Robinhood hacklendi
Robinhood hacklendi

Robinhood did not provide details on what “extensive information” was seized despite requests from users, but a spokesman for a platform that recently contacted The Verge said the hacker did not have payment information such as any user’s security number and bank account number.

In addition, Robinhood said they are now taking control of the attack, and that the hacker demanded a ransom payment in return for the information he had, at which point law enforcement was contacted. The platform, which has currently declined to provide specifics on whether the ransom payment was made, enlisted the help of cybersecurity firm Mandiant to investigate the process deeply.

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