New partnership for quantum computing from NVIDIA

NVIDIA has announced collaboration with Google Quantum AI, IBM and others to take quantum computing to the next level.

Nvidiais working with Google Quantum AI, IBM and others to take quantum computing to the next level.

Quantum computing; it promises to solve previously unresolved problems in areas such as drug development, climate research, machine learning and finance. The potential is great, but the challenges are just as high.

NVIDIA, the new partner in quantum computing

Today’s quantum computers can be too small and error-pron to solve useful problems. However, it is not yet clear which quantum algorithms will have advantages over today’s classic computers.

To help advance research in quantum computing, NVIDIAannounced the cuQuantum software development kitat GTC 2021 to accelerate simulations of quantum computers in classical systems.

Simulations help researchers quickly design and test new quantum algorithms on a scale and performance that is not possible in existing quantum hardware. They are also critical to help validate and compare the next generation of quantum hardware. As of today, cuQuantum’s first library is in public beta and available for download, NVIDIA said in a statement.

This application, called cuStateVec, acts as an accelerator for the status vector simulation method. This approach monitors the exact state of the system in memory and can be scaled to dozens of qubits.

A second library, cuTensorNet,which will arrive in December, will be an accelerator that uses the tensor network method. It will be able to process up to thousands of qubits in some promising short-term algorithms.

Available in Leading Frameworks

It has also integrated cuStateVec into qsim, the status vector simulator of Google Quantum AI,which can be used through Cirq, an open source framework for programming quantum computers. Users can download cuQuantum and start using Cirq wherever they use it from today.

On the NVIDIA side, a DGX quantum device is being created by putting it in a container optimized to run on NVIDIA DGX A100 systems, the simulation software to help developers get started.

It includes Google Quantum AI’s Cirq frame and qsim simulator, along with cuQuantum and NVIDIA HPC SDK. The software will be available in the NGC catalog early next year.

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