Game Company Yoozoo’s CEO Poisoned to Death: Murder Suspected

Lin Qi, CEO of China-based game company Yoozoo, died at the age of 39 from poisoning. Suspecting the murder, the police launched an investigation. An individual named Xu Yao, who was seen as a suspect and also worked for the same company, was detained as part of the investigation.
Lin Qi, the founder and CEO of Yoozoo, one of the leading game companies in China and became more popular with the game Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, died at the age of 39 after being poisoned.

Suspecting that Lin Qi was the victim of the murder, Shanghai police detained a defendant who was considered a suspect. The person who poisoned Lin Qi is thought to be a person working on Yoozoo.

He was in intensive care for 2 weeks

Lin Qi Yoozoo

Lin Qi, who felt uncomfortable after a drink, was taken to intensive care after admitting to the hospital. Lin Qi, whose heart stopped after 2 weeks, died on Christmas night.

After the poison was found in Lin Qi’s blood, the police suspected the murder and an investigation was launched. While the Shanghai police did not make an official statement about the investigation, allegations that the killer was an employee named Xu Yoo with Yoozoo began to circulate.

Yoozoo was one of China’s most important companies financially

Yoozoo Oyun Şirketi

Yoozoo is considered to be one of China’s most successful gaming companies. Lin Qi, the founder of the company, had a fortune of approximately 960 million euros. The company has recently succeeded in making a sound all over the world with its game called Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, which is about the GoT series published on HBO.

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