NVIDIA announces the next generation of driving vehicles!

NVIDIA announced the next generation of driving vehicles for 2024 vehicles at its GTC event today. Here are the details…Automakers aim to roll out automated driving features, robotics and driverless trucks. NVIDIA made it easier to announce the new set of computing and sensor tools here. NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huangspoke today at the company’s fall GTC event. In this context, AV announced that Hyperion 8′,a production-ready platform that includes sensors, computation and software required for development, can now be purchased for 2024 model vehicles.

Hyperion 8 offers customization as needed

Hyperion 8is the latest iteration of the end-to-end NVIDIA Drive platform, where automakers can customize it to their liking and needs. Hyperion 8 first appeared in April. But some details have not been disclosed so far, such as 12 cameras9 radars and which companies supply a lidar as part of the platform.


“The opportunity here is that as NVIDIA designes the system, it’s ultimately designed for us,” said Austin Russell, founder and CEO of Luminar. Hyperion allows customers, such as the automaker, to access and fine-tune their needs, including core computing and middle-tier software, as well as AI functions within the vehicle.

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