The News from the Anticipated Altcoin of Airdrop Disappointed Users!

Sad news has come in the Sui Network (SUI) altcoin, where cryptocurrency users are waiting for airdrop news.

Small Portion of Sui Network (SUI) Altcoin Supply Reserved to the Community via Pre-Sales

According to the statement made by the developers, 6% of the total supply, which is determined as 10 billion coins, will be distributed to users with pre-sales. In order to participate in the pre-sale, users will be required to have joined the Sui Discord channel and contributed to the community before February 1, 2023.

SUI has allocated 450 million of the 594 million tokens it released at the last event for public sale to exchanges. Of these tokens, 225 million were sent to OKX and Kucoin. The selling price of these coins will be 0.1 dollars.

In addition, 144 million SUIs will be sold at a discount to the addresses included in the whitelist. 25 million of the discounted tokens were sent to OKX and Kucoin, and 94 million to Bybit. The selling price of the discounted tokens will be $0.03.

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Users will be able to check their eligibility for the discount token sale at verifysupporters.sui.io. Users are expected to complete the registration and verification processes on the exchanges sold by April 24.

However, it is stated in the rules on the Sui official website that the token will not be sold in the USA.

50% of the total supply will be held as community reserve. In addition, 20% will go to early Sui supporters, 14% to investors and 10% to Mysten Labs treasury.

FTX purchased 890 million SUI tokens for $102 million at an average price of $0.114 in Sui developer Mysten Labs’ B funding round. However, Mysten Labs bought back the coins it sold to FTX for $96.3 million in cash.

*Not investment advice.

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