A Publisher Model and Climb Mount Everest in Minecraft 1: 1

A publisher climbed Mount Everest, the highest point in the world, precisely modeling it in Minecraft. The climb that took weeks in real life was completed in 4 hours in Minecraft.
Although Minecraft is not an attractive option for many gamers with its pixel pixel graphics, it provides great opportunities for players who want to express their creativity. A Twitch broadcaster demonstrated the game’s possibilities in the best way by making a full-scale model of Mount Everest, the world’s highest point in Minecraft.

Twitch streamer G0ularte used the BTE (Build The Earth) mod pack to model Mount Everest at a 1: 1 scale, which took weeks to climb. In addition, OpenCubicChunks and Terra 1 to 1 mods were other mods used to bring Mount Everest to Minecraft.

You can climb Mount Everest in just 4 hours in Minecraft

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With the creation of Mount Everest on a scale of 1: 1, the audience started to ask a single question to the G0ularte; How long can you get out? As we mentioned above, it takes weeks to climb Everest in the real world. However, since there are no adverse weather conditions or unclimable cliffs in Minecraft, the G0ularte manages to reach the summit of Everest in just 4 hours.

The mods greatly increase the abilities of Minecraft players. In the past period, Minecraft players even created a playable map of Europe. It won’t be too surprising to see a 1: 1 model of the whole world in Minecraft soon.

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