League of Angels: Chaos, embark on an adventure to become a legend

Yoozoo Games’ fantasy action MMORPG game League of Angels: Chaos has attracted a lot of attention from players in more than 160 countries and territories

After its global release on April 1, YOOZOO Games‘ fantasy action MMORPG game League of Angels: Chaos was played in more than 160 countries and territories. Recommended by both Google Play and the App Store, the game is designed to give gamers a superior RPG experience on a mobile device.

In a game set in times when Ragnarok condemns the world to chaos and the heavens are shattered, the last resort of maintaining order and restoring the land is the players who are champions of the gods.

Choose From 3 Legendary Classes and Call An Angel

Gamers can choose from knight, wizard or archer classes, each with their own skill set and gameplay, to start with League of Angels: Chaos. Players can then summon the mighty Angels. Every Angel in the game has great abilities that can change the course of battle. Divine Blessings focused on Attack, Defense and Support are adding new strategies to the war.

In League of Angels: Chaos, players embark on an adventure to become a legend with the help of holy and brave angels who are immune to evil. Players can participate in collaborative Raids, enter powerful Alliances, fight on Cross Server battlefields, and earn victories for their own servers.

League of Angels: Chaos players can fight in spectacular battles alone or with their comrades with an immersive combat experience. At the same time, players must not forget to complete their main mission first. The main missions, which are the center of gameplay, both initially give a lot of EXP and deepen the scenario and level up.

Players can collect a variety of equipment, such as equipment sets and Holy Weapons, and achieve excellence through production and development. They can produce legendary Equipment, upgrade Set Features, and thus increase their power to reign on the battlefield.

Players can trade as they wish at the Auction House in League of Angels: Chaos! They can make a profit by finding the perfect equipment or dealing with the market. When trading at the Auction House, players should also remember that they must carefully plan resource management to get ahead of their competitors.

League of Angels: Chaos offers glittering loot full of Dungeons, Bosses and Raids. Players can improve their character without moving a finger with the automatic mode available in the game. This allows players to progress through the game even when they can’t access their phones.

League of Angels: Chaos will have an event this May where 1 to 5 lucky players will be selected from YouTube each week. Each of these players will be able to earn 1 Star Feather, 1 Eagle Deep Spirit, 1 Growth Fruit and 50,000 diamonds. In order not to miss this opportunity, you can follow the official Facebook page and participate in the event.

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