Honda develops a virus-blocking mask for cars

Honda adapted the masks that came into our lives with the coronavirus pandemic to automobiles. The company has developed an effective cabin air filter against viruses.
It is said that inventions are born out of necessity. The pandemic we are experiencing forces companies to develop products that can protect their users from viruses in almost every field. The latest example of this situation is Honda’s invention.

Thanks to the new in-car air filter developed by the Japanese company, passengers will be saved from worrying about viruses that can be found in the outside air. Because this filter, like a mask, neutralizes viruses by filtering them.

Antivirus filters


These filters, called Kuruaku, are installed by car owners on the interior ventilation covers of their vehicles. Thus, the air entering the vehicle from the outside is filtered before passengers and the driver breathe.

According to Honda’s statement, the filter system works on a fairly simple basis. The droplets hitting the special surface of the Kuruaku get smaller. Moreover, these droplets and their structures such as bacteria and viruses are also destroyed. Zinc phosphate is used in this technology, which is also used to prevent the corrosion of vehicles.

It should be noted that we are faced with a different filter than CN95 masks produced by other companies. While other filters prevent the entry of particles larger than 0.3 microns into the vehicle, this product neutralizes viruses in the cabin.

End of viruses in 15 minutes

honda kurumaku

According to Honda, within 15 minutes after installing these filters, 99.8% of the viruses trapped in the air circulation are inactivated. Viruses on surfaces are cleaned within 24 hours. It is also stated that the product should be renewed every 15 thousand kilometers or once a year.

Kurumaku will first be available as an additional accessory for Honda N-Box Kei models in Japan. The announced price of the accessory was 6400 yen (461 TL). Honda is expected to launch this new interior masking product for other Honda models in the near future. Would you consider using these filters?

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