Snapdragon 898 launch date revealed

Qualcomm, one of the successful companies in the mobile chip industry, is preparing to introduce its new high-end processor. Snapdragon 898 is coming on this date!

Qualcomm,one of the leading companies in the mobile chip industry, has been producing the most powerful processors after Apple for years, especially when the top segment is taken into account. The manufacturer, which is also successful in the middle and entry segment, manages to outperform its competitors MediaTek, Exynos and Kirin in the upper segment every year. The Qualcomm-produced Snapdragon 898 processor, which will be unveiled this year and power new flagships, offers big promises on the performance side as usual.

Qualcomm,which recently created a page on its website, made public the first information about the upcoming event. Adding the event date to this page, the chipmaker appears to have revealed the release date of the new Snapragon 898.

Snapdragon 898 can be introduced on November 30

The Snapdragon 898,which is expected to power many flagships to be unveiled in 2022, could become official on November 30, according to the company’s page. The processor, whose technical details have been revealed in previous leaks, may be revealed at the company’s “Tech Summit”.

Cortexrunning at 1x 3.0 GHz – Cortexrunning atX2 + 3x 2.5 GHz A710 and 4x 1.79 GHz Cortex– Snapdragon 898, which is expected to consist ofA510 cores, will be accompanied by Xiaomi. The first phone powered by this chipset will be the Xiaomi 12.

Qualcomm, which is also ambitious on the graphics unit side, will benefit from the Adreno 730in its new admiral. This means we can see phones with 20% more performance than the previous generation. Finally, we can see a Qualcomm X65 5G modem on the chipset that can reach a download speed of 10Gbps.

And what do you think of Snapdragon? Will Snapragon 898 succeed in the top segment? You can express your opinions in the comments…

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